Inner Balance Technology

Have you ever tried to describe an internal sensation to someone, like the feeling of balance you have when you ride your bike?  Does that help a person who is also trying to ride a bike do it better, or learn it faster?  It seems that they learn best by experiencing that feeling themselves.  It is the same with the inner feeling that we experience when we are in an optimal state with our bodies and emotions aligned – it can be very difficult for someone to learn without some way to get real time feedback about how they are feeling inside.

Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point where we can not only get that feedback, but it can be portable, and fit inside our pocket.


You see, when our bodies are aligned with our emotions, our hearts produce a specific pattern called coherence that can be translated to our smartphone via a small sensor that fits on our ear.   We then get a real time visual signal that can be combined with an audible signal as well.

Why would we want this information?  Well, when we are producing this state of coherence, it show us how our nervous system is in the rest, relax and repair mode, rather than the fight, flight or flee mode that we so often operate in.  The fight or flight mode is helpful in the short term for our survival, but many people spend most of their time in that state, and directly impacts their physical health, as well as their emotional health.  Physically, prolonged stress causes poorer immunity, accumulation of belly fat, sleep disturbances, cardiovascular problems,  chronic inflammation, and diabetes, just to mention a few.  For more information on stress and your physical body, check out this article from the American Psychological Association.

The great thing is, we can learn how to move from the fight or flight stage to the rest and repair stage at will, and being able to get that real time information on our internal state increases the rate of learning and accuracy exponentially.

To see this technology in action, watch the video.