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Angie Bull

Angie Bull

I help people prepare for, adapt to and recover from challenging and stressful events in their lives.  In particular, I help those who experience anxiety, and those who are focusing on recovery and growth after trauma, find calmness in their minds and bodies, as well as deepen and develop the strengths they have had all along.

I specialize in working with families and youth to give them tools and techniques they can use immediately in their lives to reduce anxiety, and stress so they can embrace the challenges of growing up,  belonging, and contributing to the world around them.

I am a licensed Heartmath Coach and Mentor (since 2011) and licensed HeartMath Trainer, studied positive psychology coaching and motivation with Mentor Coach (accredited by the International Coaching Federation), as well as Character Strengths and Mindfulness with the VIA Institute’s Educational Director.  I am  a Certified Child Meditation Facilitator, Certified Mindfulness Instructor for Children, and Certified Guided Imagery Specialist for Children.  

If you are curious about how this could work for you, please contact me to arrange for a free consultation.